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Last week I was sincerely dreaming of cinnamon buns while sleeping. As the day crept on my craving only became stronger. I knew if I didn’t cave to my needs that it would eventually consume me. The ooey gooeyness and warmth, the scent of dough mixed with sweet sugar, the cinnamon spice that tingles your taste buds… It’s one of the best confectionaries on the planet but there is a downside. When you’ve finally consumed this delectable treat, you're full and the feeling is gone! That’s just torture. So, I thought of the best way to make this heart warming experience last for weeks and of course that meant to make it in candle form. To cure every craving you could have and to make it

✔️Dairy Free

✔️Gluten Free

✔️Vegan Approved

✔️Zero Carbs

✔️Calorie Wise


8 oz Candles – 40-50 hour approximate burn time.

16 oz Candles – 80-100 hour approximate burn time.

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