Natalie Kurek


Natalie remembers saving up change she would find around the house until she was able to buy her very own eyeshadow palette from Claire’s when she was five years old.

She would play ‘spa’ with her friends and family, always focusing on making them feel pampered. She began dancing at the age of three and ended up doing her own makeup and hair for competitions.
She originally went to school for Business Administration, with an emphasis on Marketing. After graduating she decided it wasn’t the industry for her. A desk job just didn’t cut it. She wanted to work with her hands and create art.  In 2017 she put herself through the Makeup Artistry Program at Eveline Charles Academy. Since then she has polished and expanded her skills. Her main goal as a service provider is to make each and every client feel comfortable and beautiful- inside and out.

Connect with Natalie

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