Janelle always knew she would be part of the beauty industry. She started by cutting the hair of her dolls and forcing her brothers into being her makeup canvases, all of which helped her evolve into the stylist she is today. 

Janelle ventured to Edmonton from the Francophone community of Jean Côté in 2008 and graduated from the Eveline Charles Academy in May 2009 from the first Sassoon Academy program in Canada. Since then, she has ventured through many experiences. After working full-time in a salon, Janelle needed to make a change due to the demanding and repetitive tasks of hairstyling. She decided to attend the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Secondary Education in 2015. Although she could no longer follow the path of a Hairstylist every day, Janelle decided that her role as a stylist was to educate. She has taught post-Secondary Cosmetology and is working towards teaching Cosmetology at the high school level. Janelle is also a volunteer for the Skills Canada Alberta Hairstyling PTC and has started the Master Judges Seminars.

Janelle’s style is a mix of polished and alternative.

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