Autumn Lipsticks

We love autumn. And no, it’s not just because of the pumpkin spice lattes or the scarves (although, those are also fantastic). It is because make-up trends get so fun in the fall! We love the au natural look of the summer time, but by September, we are itching to try out new and exciting

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Posted in Makeup tips by blushartistry on September 15, 2017

Glam Make-Up

Everyone wants the glam make-up look, but we can’t always afford it. As we all know, premium make-up can easily break the bank. However, you don’t have to buy top-of-the-line products to achieve the look you want! For most items, the drug-store brand is actually just as good! I personally was buying “They’re Real!” Mascara

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Hair colour trends

As it gets cooler outside, our fashion trends tend to change as well. The same goes for our hair! Usually as the days get shorter, the leaves aren’t the only thing changing colour! Here are the latest hair colour trends: Dark Going dark is a classic move for the fall and winter months. This year,

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Flower Crowns

A major wedding trend we’ve seen in the last few years is the flower crown, and this trend is not going anywhere! In fact, this trend is just getting better and better. The great thing about flower crowns is that they can be worn with your hair up or down. Wearing your hair up with

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Wedding Hair Trend: Vintage Hollywood

We love wedding hair because there are so many different options. Up, down, half-up-half-down, curly, straight, waves – literally endless possibilities. We also love that trends move through the ages. Our favourite right now: classic vintage Hollywood! We love Hollywood curls. Mostly because they are timeless, and there are a ton of ways to style

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Colour matching – make-up

Colour matching is so important for make-up. As I’m sure you’ve all seen if you’ve been on the internet in the last few years, if your make-up does not match your face, people notice. People often think that colour matching just relates to their foundation, and usually that is the most important aspect. However, you

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Keys to Healthy Hair

It’s summer time, which means a lot of damage can happen to your hair very quickly. You are outside all the time (finally), and the sun is bleaching your hair. Sure this looks awesome, but it can have some pretty serious effects on it! Not to mention all of the pool parties to keep cool,

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Mother’s Make-Up Calling all mothers-of-the-brides and mothers-of-the-grooms! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! We are here to give you a few ideas on make-up for your child’s big day! Let’s face it, you need to look just as fantastic as your child! The biggest thing to remember is NEUTRALS GO A LONG WAY! You don’t want

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Vacation Essentials Summer is the time to go on a trip. Hit the beach, stay out late, and enjoy the summer sun! With that though, you need to remember to take care of your skin. Here’s a list of some of our vacation essentials to help ease your stress. First of all, REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN!

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